Sunday, August 13, 2006

The pregnant life

Well Kailyn is due soon, just a little bit over a month. I am very excited..but not anticipating the pain. But I guess I will get through it, and at the end I will be holding my little girl. Daniel and I are doing alright. I constantly want to be around him, and I know he doesn't exactly like that. I don't have too many friends, and the friends I have don't exactly want to hang out with a pregnant girl. So I just want to be around Daniel, he is the only person I am comfortable with. I hate how I am pregnant. I am a controlling and overprotective person. Before I was pregnant, I really didn't care what Daniel did. Well, I cared I just trusted him. I didn't mind if he went to strip clubs, or went to parties without me. Last night Daniel went to a party without me, and I got jealous. Why? I don't know. I know I wouldn't have had fun at this party. It was an outside party where everyone was just drinking. Two things that I hate right now. 1. the heat and 2. being around ppl that drink because I obviously can't. But when Daniel told me he went to a party I got mad. I told him I would give him his space this week, and weekend because I know he needs some. But I know throughout this whole week I will be thinking of him. Thats what I do when he goes out with his friends. I am constantly wondering what he's doing..or where he is at. I am like the whiny girlfriend that everone hates. But, I am at the last few weeks of my pregnancy..and I am just clingy. I hope he understands. I know I will go back to my normal self once I have Kailyn, but until then I hope he can bare with me. I know it sucks for him, but hey..I have to deal with being pregnant..he can deal with me. lol. ;-)


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